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Virtualization of Society

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Our global innovation network at the interface of strategy, creativity and technology is helping leaders to turn transformation opportunities rapid into reality, enabling our clients to differentiate and grow in the experience economy.

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Digital Transformation by Social Business Engineering

Digital Brand Leadership: An Executive Guide to Co-Creativity

Digital Brand Leadership: An Organizational Design Approach for Multichannel Operations. Living in a networked knowledge society, with exponential growth of converging media technologies and the fast-paced evolution of networked ecosystems – new governing models and organizational structures are needed to lead a digital brand. In the arising experience economy, employees are the key to gain competitive advantages.

Workplace Data: How Technology is eating OD

The “Future of Work” initiatives replacing the industrial workers tools with updated equipment for networked knowledge workers, reveal access to employee interaction patterns in the collaboration clouds. And a whole new field for data mining and predictive analytics in the workplace arises to tweak actions, learnings and behaviors inside an organization (Graphic: Extract from Jay Goldmans’ Slide Deck: The Decoded Company).

Horizontal Leadership and the Willingness to Work 
through Consensus

In this post we deep dive into self-management governing models, practices and systems unveiled at the MIXMashup. Learn how “collaboration is eating bureaucracy” and value-based organizations are outperforming their markets trough abolishing traditional budgeting, no more fixed goal planning and no creative resources wasted to command and control employees. The time has come to shift from 100 years-old BA inventions and to start adopting 21st century management models driven by social technologies.

Business Innovation Opportunities and the 7 Toxic Beliefs in Management

Back from the MIXMashup in New York City where I had the great pleasure to experience a collective Re-Programming on how management is done. Opened by Professor Gery Hamel: „This is a conference from the vanguard, by the vanguard, with the vanguard”. Here’s the bad news upfront: Forget about what you learned in Business School. And change cannot be engineered. The good news: Organizations are about to be reinvented for human beings. And new management models are converging work at a global tipping point. What is in for you? You don’t need to be an Apple, Zappos or Y Combinator, every Organization is able to do the transformation into a purposeful organization.

What exactly does a Social Business Engineer do?

The term “Social Business Engineer” is a play of the words “Social Business”, “Business Engineering” and “Social Engineering”. The mission of a Social Business Engineer  is to guide organizations from the industrial age into the knowledge society. By designing strategies, processes and systems to the needs of networked stakeholders. And at the same time enable leaders and employees to embrace new ways of thinking and collaboration. With the objective to improve the competitive positioning of organizations through virtual brand experiences against existing and emerging players (Grafik: Adoption of the St. Galler Business Engineering Map).

Swiss State of Social Business Collaboration – On the Way to the Connected Enterprise

The corporate social software technologies are developing fast. And a new way of doing business in the information age is evolving under the term ‘Social Business’. With additional layers of opportunities arising, how customers are served, corporate strategies are defined, corporate values are found and business challenges are solved in an agile way.