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Digital Brand Leadership: An Executive Guide to Co-Creativity

Digital Brand Leadership: An Organizational Design Approach for Multichannel Operations. Living in a networked knowledge society, with exponential growth of converging media technologies and the fast-paced evolution of networked ecosystems – new governing models and organizational structures are needed to lead a digital brand. In the arising experience economy, employees are the key to gain competitive advantages.

In this post we outline the strategic framework and cultural journey to re-invent corporate communication operations.

In a collaborative economy, where markets are #social, stakeholders #digital and products #virtual: Brands = humans = services = communication = relationship = Experiences.

In the ongoing industry transformation the roles and professional self-images are shifting: Advertisers turn to Content Markeeters, PR become Branded Journalists, Marketeers are now Growth Hackers, CSR switch to Community Moderators, Journalists acting as Transmedia Storytellers and Internal Comms morph to Employee Engagers.

User Experience as Melting Point

With digital, mobile and social, the org-chart lines are blurring and on top, the formerly in gated silos managed areas are merging with the ever faster spinning Serviceinnovation- and Productmanagement-Lifecycles.

Beside that, the ecosystem itself transforms and is offering alternative content marketplaces and social relationship technologies with the outcome, that the value chain crumbles. And company borders open up for co-creation with partner networks.

Access to Super Powers

With instant access to: supercomputers to analyze data, intelligent technologies to generate customer insights, real-time usage data from content providers for media targeting, communities to brainstorm campaign ideas, freelance networks to produce engaging content and smartwatches for “heart-to-beat” intimate customer relationships. All of that comes with lower costs and shorter execution times.

On the internal – Human Ressources – transformation, research indicates being on the emergence of a new organizational paradigm, where the human development is achieving a new level of consciousness, that leads to new management models.

Workforce is the new USP

The focus in innovating is shifting away from the “What”, towards the “How”, revealing ideas and talents as only true comparative advantage in collaborative economies – where knowledge and technologies are only one click away.

The key to re-invent a digital brand is to design an organizational structure with minimum viable bureaucracy.

Follow this journey to transform into a Co-Creativity Organization:

• Ability to Collaborate
Create spaces for Cross-functional strategy sessions with internal and external partners by applying design thinking methods and social collaboration technologies.

• Learn to Think Lean
Apply lean principles in creating campaign ideas and media plans to avoid wastage trough early prototype testing with stakeholders and target groups.

• Creative Governance
Provide content guidance for consistent messaging and design-frameworks for synchronized omni-channel experiences. Install transparent and fluid approval processes.

• Agile Content Production
Divide campaign production into smaller parts and be ready to adapt your contents quickly to customer feedbacks and trending media topics.

• Bring Your Own MarTec
Design flexible ICT-Architecture to switch fast between marketing technologies with API-Frameworks and secure cloud data integrations to engage customers in real-time.

• Tweak the Organization
Choose your way of change that best fits with your organization’s DNA. Tweak your organization with small steps to squeeze bureaucracy out of the system.

• Motivate to Try and Learn
Failures are part of the game. Live a culture of trying and learning fast. Inspire them where to go and trust them to know – what to do.

To help you transform, Media Interface developed the Co-Creativity Framework:

Digital Brand

Organisational Design for Digital Brands: Download Powerpoint-Template

Define the strategic communication processes and collaboration cycles for multichannel management operations:

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Or book us for a discovery session, on how to transform your organization into a machine, generating – Digital Brand Experiences.

Learn from Patrick Hofer’s journey as a former Tech-PR-Consultant / Grassroot-Community-Moderator / MarCom-Manager in a Startup and with best practice cases from his partners, how:

• Industries are being Re-Invented by User Experience Design
• Digital Brand transform from Stakeholder-oriented into Issue-focused operations
• Pioneers implemented new Management models and Leadership principles

After the inspirational tour, the attendees know the Co-Creativity Framework, Advanced Communications Map and Collaboration Techniques to envision their very own systemic journey to Digital Brand Development.

Email or phone us: +41 44 586 41 18 to learn more.

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