What exactly does a Social Business Engineer do?

The term “Social Business Engineer” is a play of the words “Social Business”, “Business Engineering” and “Social Engineering”. The mission of a Social Business Engineer  is to guide organizations from the industrial age into the knowledge society.

By designing strategies, processes and systems to the needs of networked stakeholders. And at the same time enable leaders and employees to embrace new ways of thinking and collaboration. With the objective to improve the competitive positioning of organizations through virtual brand experiences against existing and emerging players (Grafik: Adoption of the St. Galler Business Engineering Map).

“Social Business Engineering” was coined in a dutch Blog from Jochem Koole, where he described on how he implemented Social Media with the employees of Deloitte Consulting. And I decided to use the term as job title for my new consulting company for digital organization development.

My motivation

As a PR-Consultant serving NASDAQ companies I witnessed early, on how the interaction with stakeholders is changing because of the information and telecommunication technologies. What has driven me to initiate the Swiss Digital Culture Association, where we set up a the networking platform called tweakfest to let tangible experience the emerging virtualization of society, digital creativity and networked business models.
Beside that my Start-Up and pioneering experiences with Natural Language Processing, Blogger Relations, Content Marketing, Social Media und Viral Marketing campaigns unveiled the big opportunities. But also revealed – that beside the strategic, communicative and technological skills – the organizational structures often turned into show stoppers. With my recent MBA in transformation management I finally received the toolkit to enable enterprises embracing the digital reality from a holistic organizational development perspective:

  • Enterprise 2.0 Strategy: To achieve digital business model innovation Media Interface focusses on the strategy approach of Co-Creation to renew the corporate value chains trough networked stakeholder collaboration.
  • Digital Brand Experience: In the resulting redesign of human-centred business processes our interdisciplinary consulting network uses community insights, social signal analytics and advanced communications tactics to deliver creative digital brand experiences.
  • Social Business Technology: As a basis for an integrated stakeholder management Media Interface evaluates emerging technologies to serve as a social operating systems for long-term relationship building, collaboration and open innovation.
  • Sharing Culture: To succeed in digital transformation we strongly emphasis on the change communication by the use of innovative event and dialog methodologies that have been development in cooperation with an OD Institute to overcome psychological barriers and to accelerate the adoption of technologies and collaborative behaviors.

“As the World’s first Social Business Engineer I am looking forward to sharing my unique knowledge and broad experiences with ready-to-change leaders”

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