Workplace Data

Workplace Data: How Technology is eating OD

The “Future of Work” initiatives replacing the industrial workers tools with updated equipment for networked knowledge workers, reveal access to employee interaction patterns in the collaboration clouds. And a whole new field for data mining and predictive analytics in the workplace arises to tweak actions, learnings and behaviors inside an organization (Graphic: Extract from Jay Goldmans’ Slide Deck: The Decoded Company).

Pioneer Enterprises are using workplace data to empower their employees to achieve organizational and personal development goals. With the insights from management innovation, in which strategies not only focus on the what anymore but also on the how innovation and collaboration is accomplished in the enterprise – the data lens is shifting towards the workplace.

Workplace Data

Workforce Diversity as a Catalyst for Innovation

An interesting announcement baking the trend came from Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich at the Computer Electronics Show (CES), where he announced  a $300 million workforce diversity program in the know, that the future of innovation belongs to the companies, that are able to attract the best talents.
To attract a diverse workforce – beside providing state of the art workplace environments and digital tools, that must be equal or better from those they are used in their private lives – a humanistic corporate culture is needed. With the opportunities to make their voice count, the freedom to choose and to align their work with life values and goals: Successful teamwork innovation will respect many various kinds of personal contributions,

The Personalized Workplace Experience

With an increased diversity and more personal accountablity, the way on how employees are organised and structured, the traditional “one size fits all” governance policies and human ressource processes are in doubt. The brilliant book “The Decoded Company” outlines a blueprint on how to get the best out of the employees, to make their jobs better, and to improve the performance of the whole organization based on workplace data.

The authors give an insight from their own experiences at Klick a digital health agency with the “Genome-System”, on how their organization adapts to the needs of their employees in offering them advice, feedback and training interventions at the time they are in the most teachable moment and is fitting best into their actual working context.

Workplace Data mining and HR Analytics

With the technologies being implemented in the workplace such as enterprise social networks, business messaging, collaboration solutions and the emerging technologies from the internet of things with ambient data and body sensors, a new data-avalanche is breaking, ready to be analyzed and used to predict employees behaviors, wants and needs.

Some proof points spotted in the market on how technology will act as Coach and Data as a Sixth Sense:

  • At CES the Smartwatch maker Zensorium showed, how he is capable through continuous monitoring of workplace data to know when you are stressed, and provides steps for deep breathing exercises to reduce stress.
  • Microsoft launched its Office Graphs Delve that is analyzing workplace data to better support information discovery, and enable teams to work together as a network acting as an artifical intelligent asisstant to improve the social work experience.
  • And a new breed of collaboration Apps using workplace data, like Slack, Asana and MeetingHero  provide the user with help on how to improve business meetings, be less busy, stay organized and focused on results.

With these advances in workplace data analytics it only will  be a short time to go, when organizational development will be eaten by software. And traditional human ressource functions like leadership coaching, corporate learning and performance reviews – a.k.a Bureaucracy – will simply be replaced by an App.

Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment

Gary Hamel on management for the 21st century

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